A cruisy and very long run from Cime Bianche to Valtournenche town.


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This is another amazing run on the resort.

If you want a taste of the Valtournenche area then this is the right line to follow.

The track is cruisy and sometimes challenging, starting with treeless surrounds and variable slopes, leading towards the ridge that separates this area fro the Champoluc valley.

The highest peak you can see close to you on the left side is the Roisetta, with a summit at 3333 metres ASL.

At the middle of the run between the start and Salette area, the snow cannons guarantee the snow even later in the season. Continue the ride down to Valtournenche, past the Salette gondolas area and - after a narrow corridor - the scenery will change into a beautiful forest that will bring you down to the upper block of Valtournenche town.

Before this area, don't forget to have a break at Le Foyer des Guides, a famous restaurant with beautiful views and very good food. Towards the end, go through the buildings and follow the last narrow corridor which leads to the Valtournenche - Salette gondolas.