A sunny and cruisy run between the hills underneath the Furggen summit.


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The Rocce Bianche is one of the oldest tracks in Cervinia.

The old lifts also allowed you to reach the skiable area just underneath the Furggen peak.

It is sunny here for most of the day.

The whole run is surrounded by hills with powder where the beginners and intermediate powder lovers can taste some off-piste and safe ride. Since the beginning of the track has different slopes and is cruisy but moderately narrow, this is one of the nicest for intermediate or expert skiers. The track is often used by competition skiers because its challenging slope variations is a close reproduction of racing tracks. Follow the Alpe Giomein at the middle of the run if you want to go towards Plain Maison, or finish the track to go down to Cervinia, get some good food at Plan Torrette or the Pitstop restaurants, or go back up on the Pancheron express chair and make another descent.