Gladed run requiring decent snowfall, leading to the lower mountain









In the Spirit is a gladed trail which transports you from mid-mountain to the Blackcomb Glacier Road, which eventually ends at the Excelerator Express.

As it is located at lower elevation compared to other gladed options within the Crystal zone, it is a hit-or-miss trail.

The lower location overshadows the nice steepness of the glades - as they require a lot of snow in order to be enjoyed.

If snow is low elsewhere on the mountain, creeks and fallen trees are hazards here.

A decent base is required, and especially due to it's location nearing the lower mountain this is not always the case.

This run is worth a shot if the conditions line up, but if other areas of the mountain aren't looking filled in, it is best to skip this and move to higher elevation for some better glades.

This run is accessed via the intermediate runs in the Crystal zone such as Trapline and White Light.