A free rider's paradise.


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Norway is a free rider's paradise.

The piste is short, even by Aspen Mountain standards, at only about 330 vertical feet.

However, within this steep, convex face, is a series of rock features of various sizes that provide ample airtime.

Between these features there are moguls, smooth chalky sections, and various other natural features, which help to make this short run fun and dynamic.

As you start from the top of the first convexity, with a full view of the entire town of Aspen beneath you, make several turns or find air on a smaller rock feature.

As you continue downhill on skier's left, where the best snow is, locals will often sculpt a jump into the backside of a large rock feature, providing even better air! Watch out as big air is needed to make the perfect, but small transitions.

Keep your speed up and try to catch a final feature in the middle as you exit out into the bottom of E 5th Ave and the lift line for 1A.

Also to the skier's right there are differing rock features and fun playful lines.

Enjoy the variety, no run needs to be the same here.