A blue run that offers a great introduction to tree skiing









Gold Rush is a blue tree run that can be accessed by skiing Polar Queen, off of the Polar Queen Express (lift 5).

From Polar Queen, just past Silver Tip is Gold Rush.

The top of the run is a bit steeper, but is open before you head into the trees.

Once in the trees, you'll see that the trees are spaced apart quite nicely, making this a great run for advanced intermediate skiers looking for an introduction to tree skiing.

This run is pretty short and pops you out underneath the chairlift, from here you can ski across the lift line and finish out the last section of the run.

The run ends out on the drain of Dew Drop and takes you back down to the base of the Polar Queen Express lift.

This run is never too busy, as there is lots of room to pick lines.

The bumps tend to stay in pretty good condition, but can sometimes expose rocks and trees underneath.