A wide open cruiser that connects East River Express to Paradise Express and Warming House with options to return back to East River.









Daisy is a great trail that gives you access to 4 runs to return back to East River or access Paradise Express or to take a break at the Paradise Warming House.

When you get off of East River you want to head right and you're on Daisy.

You'll descent down an easy pitch that many people tuck on to keep their speed to Paradise.

You'll pass Floresta and then Lower Treasury on your right, both blue runs that will take you back to East River Express.

As the trail flattens out and after it crosses Lower Treasury you'll have the option to side step into the Bakery Trees, ungroomed and beautiful, tight tree terrain, or you can take a right down Gallowich to head back to East River.

You'll see the Paradise Express and Paradise Warming House as you pass Gallowich.

You can also access Daisy when you are skiing down Treasury from the Paradise area and bearing left after you pass Gallowich looking for signs for Paradise express and Paradise Warming House.