Less traveled, not overly steep bump run


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Stoker Bumps is located to skier's left of Cruiser Bumps, and is accessed via Cruiser.

After intersecting the Jersey Cream Road, look for signage on your left, as this run begins slightly before Cruiser Bumps.

Stoker Bumps is also longer in comparison than Cruiser Bumps, and is similarly not overly steep and decently wide, making it a good (and longer!) test of your mogul technique before you take it to other areas around the mountain.

Stoker Bumps is also quite less traveled in comparison to busier runs such as Cruiser, so it is a worthwhile option to escape the crowds on the groomers.

Stoker Bumps fuses back into Cruiser as it reaches Green Line below, giving you the option to continue down lower Stoker which is groomed, or continue down Cruiser.