An easy and mostly flat run where enjoying the sun is possible from the early morning until the late afternoon.


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This is probably one of the very first runs that any rider will find when in Cervinia.

The piste starts at the start of the Plan Maison express chairlift.

It's very easy, I would say too slow for an early intermediate skier or snowboarder.

However it's a pleasure to go through, as it's possible to make wide and fast turns and have fun jumping on its natural kickers that will be found several times during the ride.

The first part is flat and medium wide, here you can go straight and enjoy the panorama and the wonderful Cervino (Matterhorn), very closely compared to the view from Zermatt. At the end of the flat you will find a crossroads: by keeping to the left side you will stay on the run No.6, while keeping to the right you will find a corridor that will bring you to the snow parks.

The central part following the left side has some slope variation and here you can gain some speed.

Stay uphill (on the right side of the slope) and pick up some speed to approach the counter-slope that will lead you through to the last part of the run.

Now, please look at your right to see the Chalet Etoile, really one of the best in Cervinia: enjoy their meals! And don't go there at rush hour for lunch because it's always full (despite this they are pretty quick to serve). OK, now after the good food, proceed downhill: staying on the left you will go back to Plan Maison, if you stay on the right you can choose to go back to Plan Maison or follow run No.4 and go to Plan Torrette.