One of the most famous tracks in Cervinia. Here you can find every kind of surroundings and slopes.









One of the most famous tracks in Cervinia.

The Ventina has been the place for epic Ski World Cups and moves from 3480 metres at the Plateau Rosa down to Cervinia town at 2050 metres. The run starts very high at 2480 metres ASL on the right side of the arrival of the Cime Bianche - Plateau Rosa 140 cable car.

Here, the sun and the amazing view (you can see from the very close Cervino to Mont Blanc) will take your breath away.

Going down on the track, the first part is challenging because of the frequently found moguls and the steep terrain.

Be careful to NOT leave the track because there are plenty of crevasses around here. After the steep section, carry some speed and stay leftwards to overtake the flat and counter-slope part, while you can enjoy the sun and the vastness of the resort. From this point, a cruisy run will keep you more focused on the track.

Just above the start of the big cable car leading to Plateau Rosa, if you want to stay on the No.7 Ventina you should go towards the lift building: actually it's a good choice to cut straight towards Gran Sometta restaurant and down to the second half of the run. Passing the start of Lago Goillet chairlift, a flatter and shaded part that runs along the Lago Goillet will begin, bringing you to the last part of the run, where the track again becomes wavy and with different slope gradients until it reaches the Bardoney area, in Cervinia town.