A cruisy, groomed and relatively narrow run ending in Cervinia town.









Leaving the Cretaz express chair and leading towards your right, you can follow the Plan Torrette - Cervinia track that take you back down to the town.

This track is a bit challenging, so it's best to choose track number 5 if you are a beginner. This run is usually groomed - especially early in the morning - it's not sunny at the beginning and the very end of the day. This relatively narrow piste has many slope variations, please pay attention to the other skiers since you will find both fast and very slow people that could be a problem if you ride distracted. After its first part, also pay attention to the skiers coming from the right side on track number 11, then turn to the left where a lower gradient section will lead to one of the steepest parts of the piste. Continue after the steep part through another flat section, then go underneath the express chair cables and then go towards the right to end at the start of the Cretaz lift.

Here you can choose whether to go back up or end your day enjoying some tea and a good pastry at Sweet Side of Matterhorn or Bucaneve Hotel après-ski- a wonderful bar.