A long steep double blue for a thigh burning challenge









This long steep double blue burner will really get your blood pumping, this run is very well groomed, which provides a surface on which skiers can absolutely speed down this run, laying wide GS turns on the way down.

As this run isn't very busy even when the crowds are heaving at the base, people will indeed fly down this run, but as ever always keep in control.

The run starts off mellow, and then gradually the pitch increases and after you pass Goldfinger this run does get fairly steep, and is not one for an early intermediate, unless looking for a hard challenge.

Although it is steep, there are areas which do give your legs some relief, as the flattens out a bit, but the views, combined with the enjoyment you will have on this run, definitely makes this piste a memorable experience.

However, take care as parts of this run, particularly in the bottom third, can get fairly icy so slow down on days where you notice ice is around.