From Plain Maison back to Cervinia town. This is another easy piste that is often used by beginners and ski/snowboard instructors with groups.


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Leaving Plain Maison towards Cervino, carry some speed to go through the counter-slope and reach Plan Torrette, where another famous restaurant/ chalet is the place to go for many hungry skiers (it's on your left-hand side).

Here you will find a crossroads; keep the right side and you can choose whether to get the Pancheron express chair or follow pistes No.

5 or 3.

The 5 is the one in the middle, staying uphill to the arrival of Cretaz chairlift, the No.

3 to the left (tip for free riders and off-piste lovers: when the No.

5 once again begins its own path, be ready and cross the barrier on your left side, leaving the on-piste track and going into a short but wide, easy and nice channel). Keeping to the on-piste track, you will find an overall easy slope, except for the short medium gradient before you find the long straight to Cervinia town.

Look to your right to search for marmots and rock goats.

Meanwhile, carry some speed to go though the flat section you will find soon. One last piece of advice: if you are getting bored, before the steeper slope you will find a track variant on your left side: it's the 5 bis which is marked as black diamond.