The access path of sorts along the CPR ridgeline









Kh is all about dropping in from the ridge lines and the ridge lines are all about high traverses CPR is the first of those straight off the gondola and can be accessed by either turning right from the Gondi or going round to the left on exiting. The traverse can be a bit whoopy doo so take care with your speed and look out for the bumps. If you go high high on the traverse you will find rocks as well so beware.

A lower line along the ridge top to the south elevation will give you a steadier ride - low and slow is my motto. Whichever route you take the north chutes and south face of bowl over is all accessed by CPR. Again please please please don't just traverse the pitch once you've left the official high traverse - ride fall line to the bottom - it's much more fun and will stop people shouting things at you!