Awesome tight South facing chute









Psychopath is a classic Bridger Bowl line.

It is the last marked chute before The Zits as you travel South on the High Traverse.

It has 3 different upper entrances; left, center, or right.

Each of these will funnel you down about 50ft to the crux, which is a little wider than ski length, and usually has one big blocky rick in it.

If you plan on hop turning, its best to stop wait here, out of the way, for your sluff to pass by you.

From just above the crux, Psychopath bends right to left in about a 100ft 10 ft wide chute.

It then opens up into a beautiful, wide apron for the next 200 ft.

This run is a dream on powder morning and later season.

One can trully let them run from the top and through the chute, with ample acreage to shut 'em down in the apron.

The sun can really hit Psychopath hard due to its aspect, keep this in mind, and shred accordingly.