Steep mogul run running the length of the Catskinner Chair which can also sometimes be groomed, depending on conditions.









Catskinner is the name for the mogul run that runs alongside the Catskinner Chair to the side of the Nintendo Terrain Park.

The moguls on the top pitch can be daunting and large, or it can be groomed and fun to rip down quickly, depending on conditions.

This run feeds into Easy Out near the bottom and drops you off at the base of the Catskinner Chair.

If you want to link up this run with another and ski more moguls without stopping, continue on to Gear Jammer, Free Fall, Sorcerer or Black Magic.

You’ll get to ski a longer run and still take the chair up to the same location.

Catskinner is a slower, triple chair that is shared with the terrain park in comparison to the much more high-speed Solar Coaster Express.

If you want to ski more and spend less time on the chairlift, keep heading down and link up another run with Gear Jammer!