A beatiful view of a small lake at the edge of the resort


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The North Cornice Chutes are at the very back of Lake Louise and are the natural out for the Boundary Bowl.

To get there, take the Summit Platter and has left on Boomerang to Hikers Paradise.

Continue along the ridge and climb over the Brown Shirt Chutes and into the Boundary Bowl.

Descend the Boundary Bowl to the top of North Cornice.

Head far left over the back the area and head with a steep pitch down the valley below.

In spring a small lake forms here with an amazing view of the surrounding area.

Complete your descent and continue down to the valley, eventually meeting up with the cat track and then to the Paradise Chair, which can bring you back to the Front Side.

You can also continue to the Ptarmigan and Larch Chairs for more backside fun.

The Ptarmigan brings you back to the Front Side.

This area is great for a photo op and chill session during the spring.