Longer-length groomer running all the way down to the lower mountain









Stoker starts by taking a left off Green Line after passing by the more advanced lines of Free Fall, Sorcerer and Black Magic.

As it is the only groomed option at this point besides the cat track, this run can get extremely crowded, especially leading up to the base of Solar Coaster.

Heavy crowds make conditions here variable - you can encounter everything from ice and moguls to slush on this moderately steep pitch.

There are usually snow guns blowing snow here as well, which can make for a fun man-made powder slash or two.

This run is decently wide, but still manages to get very congested, especially at the end of the day when everyone is skiing out to the bottom.

After reaching Solar Coaster, the run drops down to the lower mountain, intersecting Green Line a few times.

Longer in length than other neighboring groomers, this run eventually becomes Lower Cruiser which runs to the base (conditions permitting).