A gnarly chute with a long boot in


Analysing terrain data








Take a right off the chair towards the gate.

Best to bring a partner and avi gear.

This is serious terrain.

Boot pack above Wildside and Farside, take in the incredible view.

This is the place to be if conditions are prime.

The chutes are long and you can choose your line.

Best to work your way through chute by chute.

The cliffs can be very large.

You can make your way above Wildside and Farside which will bring you below a large cliff face to Think again.

Beware of cliffs, they can be pretty massive.

The South Chutes are usually in the sun during the afternoon and it can be a great area to warm up.

Below the chutes you can make your way right or if you proceed left into a stash of powder that sticks around most of the season.

Your out is the Eagle Glades and Creek.

Gnarly Chute that is great on fresh days, but you really have to work for your turns.