A sub area with options









Tower 30, known to locals as "Roger Clemens" because of the Baseball shape of the slope that is view-able from the Gondola .

Take kids play and wrap around the cat track towards the lower part of Wolverine.

Look towards your left and you will see a gate and an avalanche sign.

Ascend the cat track towards this area for a minute or so.

You have 3 options.

Straight ahead of you is Tower 30, the actual run.

Tower 30 descends a drainage or chute and meets up under the Gondola with many features, trees and jib opportunity.

Be a hero under the Gondola if conditions are prime serious face shots and solid airtime can be had.

Take a left because the run ends in a 15 foot drop into a creek.

Meet up with the bottom cat track towards the Wolverine lift.

Option 2: Head right into the trees.

you will find some of the best hidden glades at SSV.

Meet up with either Tower 30 or the Cat Track.

Option 3: Head left for a minute or so along the path into the trees.

Strap up and continue towards the open slope.

This is avalanche terrain with a terrain trap.

You will even see a bombing station next to the slope.

Ascend the slope to the right and meet up with upper canyon.

A local gem.