Gnarly Double Diamond chute with a long boot pack.









From the chair proceed right towards the gate.

Start boot packing all the way to Think Again, Descend the first quarter then head left below the massive cliffs with will put you at the top of 3 Buttress's.

The last of these is Saddledome.

Because of the long traverse required to get here you will often find fresh powder.

Getting in here can be sketchy in bad visibility, plan appropriately.

Take some time to appreciate how far out this zone is.

The view below the cliff is amazing.

The South Chutes are usually in the sun during the afternoon and it can be a great area to warm up.

Choose your line Renegade, Stampede, Saddledome.

Enjoy the lower powder field.

The snow here is often fresh because of the wind transport.

You will exit left through the Eagle Glades and Eagle Creek.

Stop at the end to admire your tracks which are visible from the bottom.

Incredible zone.