Gnarly Double Diamond Chute









These chutes are a local favorite.

They are steep and in the right conditions deep.

Best to have a partner and avi gear, though this is not a requirement.

They offer strong skiers a chance to explore difficult terrain and to prepare for riding the extreme freeride zones "Delirium Dive" and "Wild West.

From the chair proceed right towards the gates.

You can choose to either boot pack into the top of the second chute or take the lower cat track across the first chutes, Goats Head Soup and Wildside.

This is difficult on a snowboard if traffic is present.

Keep your speed.

Take a moment to take in the view and sun.

It's a great zone.

The South Chutes are usually in the sun during the afternoon and it can be a great area to warm up.

Choose your line and in the right conditions this can be as good as it gets.

Beware of fresh tracks to the top of the cliffs.

The are large and are pretty bare on the back side due to the wind.

Descend right below the cliffs for fresh powder.

You can traverse right or left under the cliffs to extend your ride.

You will exit either at Sunshine Coast or Eagle Creek.