A short ridge on the North Face that consists of three steep cliffy runs.


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If you're looking for one more pitch to cap an awesome North Face Run, take Rosy Lane off the skier's right side of Hawk's Nest.

Ski that then Easy Rider, down to the Sock It To Me Ridge.

Once there, you have a choice between Cesspool, Little Hourglass, or Sock it to Me.


All three runs are Extreme Terrain, some with mandatory airs at the bottom.

Cesspool, far skiers left, is a wide pitch that funnels down to a choke that may have a 2 foot rock maneuver, depending on snow conditions.

Little Hourglass, directly fall line from the ridge entrance, is a steep chute that ends in an Hourglass shaped cliff, whose choke air ranges from 5-15 feet.

Sock it to Me proper, the skier's right side of the ridge, is accessed by the skiing the right ridge of Little Hourglass, then moving right over the ridge, where it opens to a mellower snowfield.

The cliff band above Sock it to Me are the Competition Cliffs.

These typically need a great snow year to open, but when open offer classic Crested Butte billy-goating.

Committed skiers only!