A serious but truly exceptional, long and varied ski descent in breathtaking terrain.









FATMAP difficulty grade



* The ladders which used to access the Toula Glacier are no longer in place.

The run can still be accessed via an awkward set of rappels, or by skiing the shoulder of the Aiguille d'Entrêves, or via one of the very steep couloirs beneath the Pointe Helbronner.

We have left this route description as it is because the ladders may be replaced one day, and because the lower part of the route description could still be useful to skiers.* Leaving the Punta Helbronner top station head for the Col des Flambeaux.

Traversing left side step through the col and continue to the Col oriental de Toula and take the stairs down onto the glacier from where you start this most amazing ski descent.

Ski fall line until the terrain steepens and a crevasse field is passed on your right.

After this stay close to the rock and ski ever-widening slopes always tending gently left as you explore this winter wonderland and make your way back to the mid station psyched for another lap.

The terrain is glaciated and extremely avalanche prone.

The aspect gets lots of sun and don't be tempted to do one lap too many when the conditions start getting dangerous.