A steep, narrow couloir through the lower forest; rarely skied









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a great line but is very avalanche prone, indeed it is not uncommon to see avalanche debris from the line on the Pierre a Ric piste below it.

To access it descend directly below Lognan on the initially easy angled slopes with the odd tree, but generally pretty open.

This is a line that is common with the approach to the Lognan Cables run.

You are looking for the metal avalanche barriers that guard the entry to the line.

It can be tricky getting past these, usually with a combination of side stepping and side slipping.

Be prepared to crampon down this entry pitch if conditions are mediocre, though seriously consider what lies below if it is that icy.

Once in the couloir the line is completely obvious straight down to the piste below.

In a lean or early season it can be a bit bushy with twigs and branches, but in a good year will bank out and be a lovely uniform steep angle.

It is not an extreme ski but definitely not to be underrated as, in poor conditions it will be very serious.