Delightful ride from Wanglspitz onto its' North face into the Hoarbergkar









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From the top of 150 Tux descend blue slope 6 the exit it to the right when it flattens.

Drop into the wide slope here, which is mostly shady in the early winter.

The angle here is about 35° and there are some rocks too, some of which you can jump off.

After 500 m you will notice a ridge in the middle of the slope, which you can go either side of.

If you go left you have a nice slope to ski down, but be aware of the gorge below.

You will exit at the bottom of the valley at the same spot as the route of Hoarbergjoch Nord and follow the tracks to the Penken park.

if you go right of the ridge the slope is more E facing.

There are no difficulties in it, so enjoy the run with long and nice turns in the powder.

Before reaching the valley bottom here stay at the right and cross the east exposed hill of the Wanglspitz.

Have a look at the nice couloirs, which are described separately, also make sure you check the avalanche safety here while crossing.

Especially in March or April it is possible that naturally triggered avalanches come down here.

Follow the tracks back to the 150er cablecar.

This route can be good for freeriders of limited experience and can give light and fluffy powder in the spring when it is heavy to ski at other spots.