Long and delightful route down the Horberg Valley









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From the top of the Horbergjoch chairlift at 2460m you need to head N through a windy gap between the Horbergjoch on the left and a smaller mountain on the right.

Carry straight on until you have a nice view into the small valley.

Follow this valley now for about 4.5 kilometres with a mixture of steeper and flatter parts.

There are also have some rocks and cliffs which you can use for some air time! At the height of 2200m the valley turns E and you will notice a small river cutting a canyon in it.

There are just a few possibilities to get over it.

It is advisable to stay on the left side when skiing down, this will be the SW face of Horbergkarspitz.

It's very sunny here especially at the early afternoon. When following the valley, you will soon notice a road leading out, stay on this road as soon as you are at 1900 m, before it heads into the woods.

This will bring you immediately back to the famous Penken park, where you can do some flips and spins before heading for the next run! For this route you should have a good weather and good visibility, because for the first two kilometres you are well away from the resort otherwise it could be disorientating.