Freeride route with 300m of easily accessible powder,









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The route from the 2278m high Horbergkarspitz down into the Horberg-Valley offers you more than 300m of powder descent with steep parts, cliffs and ridges at the beginning and a wide hill for big and fast turns at the end.

Only do this run in fine weather with good vis. When leaving the Schneekarlift go past the Unterbergalm lift on the left, follow the ski track for about 100 m and stay left.

When the track does a turn to the right, then go left in direction of the avalanche barriers on the east hill.

Follow this path about 150 m until you can look down into the Horberg Valley.

From here there are three couloirs you can drop into.

Dropping over cliffs of every size at the top and doing one of the best lines you will ever have at the bottom of the run will make this run unforgettable. If there is not much snow avoid the snowy ridges to the sides of the couloirs as they will have rocks in them. Be aware of avalanches and think of keeping a safety gap when dropping in at the steep parts on top. Ending up on a skiroad leading out of the small valley through the woods, will bring you immediately back to the famous Penken park, where you can do some flips and spins before heading over for the next run!