Popular Saalbach freeride descent









FATMAP difficulty grade



After getting out of the "Schattbergexpress" left of the "Schattberg Nord" (no.

1), go slightly uphill towards a saddle.

Go straight on and then right of the ridge, crossing the slopes,without losing height and watching out for cornices.

Shortly before the "Dillinger Eck" (1875m) you reach a saddle on 1850m.

Here, enter the slopes and always keep left (north-east) to the woods.

At the edge of the forest, at approx 1750m, a beautiful clearing begins for about 100m.

Then, keep slightly to the left and then cross a forest road through sparse forest at approximately 1550m.

Behind that, you will encounter a shallow clearing, which you then follow up to the lower end.

Slip through a forest strip and after departing it, you will then see the "Jausernabfahrt" (no.

2b) to your right.

Cross it before the Jausernabfahrt turns left and leave it to the right on a newly built forest road in a clearing.

After about 100m along the forest road, a great hillside opens left to about 1100m.

Here, keep left at about 1050m, where you will pass a hut.

Shortly afterwards - in a bend of the forest road - you follow the path of a power line to the left back to the ski resort.

On this run lower down watch out for barbed wire and fence posts, which can be hidden under the snow.