Steep, wavey red slope. Splits of back to the Giggijoch Gondola station.









You can enter the slope through 4 lifts: The Langegg, Seekogl and Silberbrünnl on top, and the Hainbachkarr which connects to the slope through a short trail when you exit the lift and head straight on.

When you take the slope from the top, the first few meters can be quite challenging as they are the steepest part of the slope, busy and can more be considered as a "dark red".

When you've conquered these first meters keep heading straight and you will notice that the piste goes up and down for the most part.

With bad weather these "waves" can be quite difficult as you won't see the relief on the piste, so pay attention.

Continue your way down and stay on the left hand side of the slope.

At a certain point you will notice that the slope splits up, where it moves away from the Red 11 which continues its way down.

Take the intersection to the left and follow the trail.

Snowboarders best take some speed before entering the trail as it's pretty flat and who likes to unstrap those damn bindings again, right? At the end of the trail, you will see the Snowpark on your left and the slope will widen up.

Foollow the slope down and you will see the Giggijoch restaurant and the gondola station right in front of you.

Here you can continue your exploration of the rest of the resort.