One of the longest slopes in the resort, with different slope changes and access to an off-piste zone.









The Olímpica is another of the big pistes in this area.

Leaving the lift to the right, the piste starts on a flat where you can choose to go to other pistes like Trucha or W, but if you want to stay in the Olímpica, you will need to follow the path to the end.

This whole section is very exposed to the wind and you are very near to Veleta, which is 3395 meters above the sea level.

You can see that it is an open wide mountain, so due to that exposure if wind blows, that path can be like hell.

You could be nearly flying and freezing and you will find patches of ice, but don`t be discouraged! Keep going as fast as you can, as after the path you will be between mountains and the blowing wind will stop.

If the weather is beautiful and calm you will have an amazing experience.

From the top of this piste on a clear day you can see the Mediterranean Sea and even the Rif, the first of the mountains in Africa.

You have to go to the left side of the piste, to the beacon poles, walk 2 minutes to the edge, not too close to the border and then you will see it.

You also can see the other slope of the mountain, down the Alpujarras.

You will fall in love! Once you have finished the path, you will find the slope on the top is narrow, but it gets wider as you go down.

Be careful on this first slope as it can be crowded and icy.

At your left you will find the Tajos de la Virgen, an off piste area.

After this first steep slope, you will find a flat which is perfect for carving and for letting yourself go, with many different rhythm changes.

At the borders, you can find some natural jumps which are small and safe. After this first flat you will find a very steep slope with different variants which end again in another flat.

It is a very fun piste that allows you different rhythm changes and many possibilities.

There are also different pistes that weave, but anyway, no matter which one you take, all of them drive you to the lift Laguna. There are several crossings to choose from at the end of this piste, so, choose the one you want, and don't worry, all of them will drive you to the lift.

Next to the lift you will find a kiosk where you can buy something to drink and toilets.

These are the only ones in this valley and bear on mind these are long pistes! If you want to get out of this valley then you can take the return Dílar chairlift which takes you back to the main area. Choose this area if the rest of the resort is crowded, there's only one lift but many possibilities to choose from.

Due to the number of variants and runs, you can ski in uncrowded runs all day long. There's great spring snow over this valley; first thing in the morning it maybe icy but then, the snow lasts longer than in other parts of the resort.

For powder seekers and off piste lovers, this valley offers you many possibilities Ramp: 695 m Length: 3475 m Surface: 169143 m2