Arguably the most iconic viewpoint on the Appalachian Trail!


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McAfee Knob is arguably the most iconic viewpoint on the entire Appalachian Trail! This rock outcropping juts away from the mountainside, out into free air, providing the perfect opportunity to take a photo that will make your mom freak out just a little bit.

“This unique rocky outcropping draws in countless visitors each year,” [according to]( adventure travel writer Brendon Voelker.

"Expect to spend some time enjoying the 270° views from the formation.” While you will, of course, pass this viewpoint while doing a through hike or [section hike]( of the [Appalachian Trail](, the 8-mile out-and-back hike is a perfect day hiking objective that’s easily accessible from a trailhead on the nearby highway.

It’s this combination of thru-hikers and day hikers that makes McAfee Knob the most photographed spot on the entire Appalachian Trail.

The hike to the knob is a consistent, steady uphill climb.

The route as mapped here ascends almost 1,900 feet, requiring hikers to be respectably fit.

While you can expect to encounter some rocks and rough sections of trail, no scrambling is required to reach the overlook.

While this area might seem like the perfect spot to camp, note that due to the extreme popularity of the area, “no camping or campfire are permitted around McAfee Knob” to prevent damage to the area’s natural beauty, according to Voelker.

According to [Wikipedia](, "...the only legal campsites” along this section of the Appalachian Trail "are Johns Spring Shelter, Catawba Shelter and campsites, Pig Farm campsite, Campbell Shelter, and Lambert’s Meadow Shelter and campsites." Sources: