A mellow Green that is great to learn on.


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The Jackrabbit Chair joins up the upper village to the Wolverine area and the TeePeeTown LX Chair.

Turn right off the chair and continue towards the mellow Green run.

This is a great place to learn.

Jackrabbit is a short chair and you will often see ski schools in this area.

Follow the run to the right as opposed to straight toward the Tee Pee Town chair.

There is an option known to locals at the "cellar trees" that has a short shot in the glades for riders looking to explore.

The sheltered area of Wolverine is great for windy and bad weather days.

The Snow here is usually soft and playful.

A great area to spend the day if it's cold.

The Trail will wrap around with a pretty view of the trees and return back to the JackRabbit Chair.