A fun area with natural features to explore.


Analysing terrain data








Meet up with the entrance from the very end of Kids Play, when it meets up with the cat track.

Take a quick dip into the canyon.

This is can be a high speed rolling track that descends a waterfall.

Be sure to keep your speed in check, there can be diversions in the trail to accommodate changes in the landscape from previous seasons, if the water was high or the snow low.

After you dip around Tower 30 there is a nice wall feature on the left that you can wall ride.

The sheltered area of Wolverine is great for windy and bad weather days.

The Snow here is usually soft and playful.

A great area to spend the day if it's cold.

Take the last big deep and keep as much speed as possible as it can be difficult to meet up with Banff Ave without a few jumps.