The outskirts of Lookout Mountain









A local favorite.

Head here first on a powder day.

Take the Great Divide Chair to the top of Lookout Mountain.

The top area of Lookout Mountain can be very windy, but on a good day holds a beautiful view of the Canadian Rockies with the Monarch in the distance straight ahead.

Head as far left as you are allowed and follow towards Bye-Bye Bowl.

On a fresh day you will find a massive powder face in front of you that you should definitely slay at high speed.

Enter the white room and descend all the way to the bottom but keep right.

Snowboarders keep your speed and head right to ascend the hill at the bottom or you will have to walk.

Head to the top of the hill/ cat track.

There will be a flat section here and you may have to walk a bit.

You will end up at the bottom of the Great Divide Chair.