Local Pow Stash


Analysing terrain data








The North and South Pocket are a local secret.

To find the goods, head to the top of of either Great Divide or Angel Express.The top area of Lookout Mountain can be very windy, but on a good day holds a beautiful view of the Canadian Rockies with the Monarch in the distance straight ahead.

Take the World Cup Downhill and look for a fence above a cliff zone.

On either end you will find the North and South Pocket.

North Pocket is your second entrance.

If the snow is fresh you will be grinning from ear to ear.

Fun area, not too steep.

Dip between the rope entrance.

It's not always obvious.

From here to the left all the way under South Pocket you can choose your line.

Under Brewster Rock you will usually find a thin snow pack so descend a little lower.

A great run is to surf across the area from right to left.

Meet up below with World Cup Downhill.