Spectaluar view on an exhilerating run.


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This run can really get your blood pumping.

Descend from either Great Divide or start at the top of Angel Express.

Keep slightly to the left toward the knoll on the right of the bowl you are about to enter.

Keep speed and climb up the right bank, keeping speed.

In front of you lies a vista of the resort.

Take a look at the Mt Standish and all the people descending on skis and boards.

It can be an incredible sight.

The weather can be a bit windy, but on a good day an amazing area.

Keeping speed over the top of this rounded hill you will quickly start heading downhill with a steady black pitch.

The top can be wind blown or icy, but usually this lower pitch holds good snow.

Descend to the bench field in front of you and join up with Great Divide Quad or head right to head in the direction of the upper village.