Divided into 2 sections by the Schüttboden lift, this is a long descent back into Zürs on the Weissringe.


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Coming back towards Zürs from Lech are some easy pistes, allowing even intermediates to experience at least half of the Weissringe.

The two sections of Piste 38a are a nice finish to a day in Lech returning to Zürs, but bear in mind the enormous lift queues during busy weeks at the bottom of both sections of ski lift.

This said, most of the season, you will barely see another soul in this area, since a lot of Lech skiers will only ski during fair weather and tend to stick to the main part of the mountain.

This piste is a classic Zürs and Lech undulating run with occasional steeps.

Spectacular views punctuate this piste and it is a great fun piste for those who like a bit of speed as there are few sudden twists and turns.

Enjoy the freedom of an empty, relatively flat piste with fun steep sections, perfect for building up speed.