An introductory ski tour to some great skiing


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



More of a ski tour than off-piste skiing but an excellent introductory tour for those with skins or snow shoes.

The climb is around an hour and a half but you get over 1000m of skiing for your efforts.

From the top of the Céma lift, traverse skiers right to reach the 4x4 track.

Head to the bridge where you put your skins on and climb the wide open valley.

From the first col between the Pelaou Blanc and Grand Fond you can either traverse SW across the steep slope directly to the Col des Fours or more safely head to the wide ridge as shown and follow the ridge to the col.

From the col enjoy the wide open NW facing valley.

Head right (N) as you reach the main drainage to towards the "Fond des Fours" refuge.

Stop here for refreshments later in the season when the hut is open.

A beautiful spot to enjoy the sunshine and pitstop before continue your journey back to the resort.

Form the refuge continue skiers right and choose your descent line avoiding the cliffs.

Stay skiers right and join the tracks down from the classic Cugnai line which you follow all the way to the Manchet Express chair.