A short blue run under the North Bowl Lift









This fairly short and reasonably steep blue run starts off of the Olympic Downhill and feeds into the Boulder area.

While this run is ideal for intermediate skiers / boarders to take some big, carving turns or simply straightline it all the way down, it's also a great place for beginners to begin working on steeper terrain.

As this run merges with a few others just after you ski under the North Bowl lift, be aware and slow down a bit to avoid a collision.

Also, the snow here can get a lot of sun, so it may be slushy towards the end of sunny or warm days.

Intermediate skiers / boarders can use this run as a shortcut instead of continuing down the shallower bottom of the Olympic Downhill, but make sure to cut to skiers right to get back on the North Bowl lift unless you want to end up in the Boulder Bowl slow zone.