A large, gladed area along the west edge of the resort









If you find yourself at the top of the Gunbarrel chair and want to shred something that won't make your knees ache, stay skier's left and head into the glades of Hogsback (alternatively, if you're coming up the Patsy's or Groove chair, head to your left after unloading and avoid the traffic to the right).

Depending on conditions, you may find a lot of rocks poking out, but the wide trees and mid-steep terrain will nonetheless provides lots of opportunities to make everything from big, carving turns in clearings to tight figure eights through the pines.

At the bottom of the run, watch out for the Round-A-Bout catwalk that will intersect the trail; take this all the way back to the California base, go straight to hit the West Bowl, or head to skier's right to catch the bumps of Pistol and Gunbarrel.