Open snowfield to a traverse and eventually into a very wide, open chute









FATMAP difficulty grade



Stupor is a great run, but your fall line skiing is interrupted by a traverse around a huge cliff face.

The upper snowfield can get sun affected, but the entire line usually doesn't sluff out from control work.

You can mostly find great snow in both the upper and lower sections.

This is a great run for novice ridge skiers.

Head North from the Bridger hike on the ridge to just before where the skier's traverse comes in.

Drop into a moderately steep upper snowfields.

You'll ski here for about 200ft, before connecting with a traverse that lies above very large cliffs.

Take this traverse North past the top of Two Way Street as well.

Once past Two Way, you'll get a couple turns before turning South once you can see around the large rock face at the top of Two Way.

You'll be able to see all the way across the snow that lies at the top of Two Way, traverse all the way to the turn at the end.

Once here, you'll be looking down the first part of Stupor which can be a little intimidating, keep heading a few more yards South, and you'll be able to look all the way down Stupor to the road.

Enjoy the 400ft of open turns, but beware of a heat vent that lies 3/4 of the way down on the skier's left.