A long, winding trail that leads back to the California side


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As the name suggests, the California Trail provides an easy, medium-width catwalk all the way back to the California side of the resort.

Starting from the top of the Dipper Express, the trail winds along the ridge line, under the Tamarack Express, all the way down to the base of the Sky Express and Canyon Express lifts.

What the run lacks in variety and challenging terrain, it makes up for in vistas...

Lake Tahoe is on display for virtually the entire length of the Trail, and a number of perfect spots to stop and take a few pictures are easily accessible and well marked.

As this is the main route to the California, don't be surprised if there are crowds.

Nearly the entire length of the Trail is a gentle, winding decline, but make sure to get some speed going after you make the hard left turn above the Tamarack area, as the slope flattens out and you'll need some momentum to carry you all the way to Sky Express.