A blue road that leads from the top to the bottom of Powderbowl









Mombo is the arguably best beginner run on the California side of the mountain, with a wide open upper section and a consistent, gentle pitch the entire way down.

To get here, exit left off of the Powderbowl lift or, if you're coming from the top of the Sky Express or Canyons Express chair, stay to skier's left at the bottom of Ridge Run and look for the signs - you can't miss it.

The upper section is wide open and leaves plenty of space for beginners to make big turns; a few hundred feet down, keep staying left as the trail narrows and wraps under the Powderbowl chair.

Watch out for cross traffic, as a few other runs merge into and out of Mombo.

As you approach the resort boundary, you'll curve back to the right and cut under the chair again, just above the area with the Powderbowl, Groove, and Patsy's lifts.