One of Ford Wall's most pleasing classics!


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Located on the far lookers’ left side of Ford Wall, this couloir is as classic as the original Ford Model T.

A very aesthetic line, and a perfect straight up splitter couloir, it tops out on an attractive col.

From the col it is possible to continue to climb upwards towards the summit plateau area, where you can even find an old cairn.

The snow above the couloir is, however, usually very wind affected and faceted like most of the snow on Baffin outside of the couloirs.

One of the other fun features of this line is that you can hang out on top of the colossal and dead vertical granite walls overlooking the deep cut couloir.

This can make for some great photo opportunities.

Like the other lines on Ford Wall, Model T is predominantly shady.

The snow will therefore not be subject to change at all during most of May and you can ski the line any time of day in exactly the same snow conditions.

Another one of Baffin’s pleasing quirks! As for all Baffin couloirs, it is almost always necessary to take crampons even for the less steep lines as the snow is typically firm and chalky making it slippery to climb.

The line is around 700 meters long and between 30-40 degrees.

If you’re feeling fit, ski this and tag another Ford Wall line in the same day! Its neighboring line, Bronco, can make for a good link up.

Bronco is around the same length and steepness as Model T, but not quite as good in terms of quality.

Model T is one of Ford Wall’s best lines and a must do for skiers camped out on Sam Fiord Fjord.