A Black Groomer around Standish Mountian


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This might be Sunshine's best Black Diamond Groomer.

Take the Standish Express and take in the views on either side.

Amazing Rockie Mountain scenery.

On your left is Lookout Mountain (8954 ft) an on your right are the Twin Carins (8354 ft).

The weather at the top of Mt Standish can be very windy, so dress appropriately! After unloading, proceed straight ahead and head right around Standish Face and you will find Jerry's Run.

This long Black Groomer isn't really difficult, it would likely be rated Blue at say Lake Louise, but it does offer a consistent moderately steep pitch that is super fun to dig into.

On an empty day it's great to head mach one down this straight cat track.

The out of the run is obvious as you meet up the Dell Run and back to the Upper Village.

A great groomer on a spring day.