A long, easy angled safe ski tour with a fantastic summit.


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



A classic mid winter day hit that is often done after significant snowfall.

The terrain is easy angled and the navigation is fairly straightforward making it a popular choice in poor weather.

Pointe de la Pierre has a quiet remote feel about it, despite its proximity to Pila ski area, and Ozein at its base has a charm unique to the Aosta Valley.

From the parking, follow the long winding track through the forest until you leave this and skin up into the large clearing and the buildings at Rond Perrin.

Continue skinning up, where you may see summer water sprinklers poking through the snow, to near the top left hand side of the clear area where it meets the forest.

Follow the summer path into and through the forest until you reach some buildings at the tree line.

The summit is visible from here and the terrain is open - if the weather is poor the navigation will become trickier.

Skin up the slope above to the blunt ridge line and then onto the ridge line itself before reaching the summit cross.

From here there is a magnificent panorama of the mountains of the Aosta Valley.

After transitioning enjoy the excellent fun ski terrain back to the edge of the tree line by a more direct line.

There are some steeper rollovers in places so in bad visibility it is better to follow your line of ascent.

From the tree line there are various cut throughs in the forest, if the snow is deep enough, or you can follow your ascent line (as shown here).

Once back in the clearing enjoy the open space and get some fresh tracks before arriving back on the track leading to the parking.

The day would not be complete without an ‘aperitivo’ at the excellent Vinosteria Antirouille in Aymavilles.