A cruiser green into the back bowls









PiKa is a beautiful Rolling green that takes you into the back bowls from the top of the Gondola.

Proceed to the top of the Grizzly Express Gondola or the Ptarmigan Chair.

The view from here is amazing with the back bowls in front of you and great view of Lipalian Mt on the right.

On your left hand side you will see a sign denoting all of your run options.

Follow the Green piste slightly left and continue down Pika.

There are many Black Diamond options to explore in this area for more adventurous riders.

Are your right hand side you can either choose to drop into Raven, the east trees or the lower run of the Paradise Chair named Ally.

eventually you'll make a long right bend turn and continue down the flat-ish section which will bring you back to the Temple Lodge, Larch Express and the Ptarmigan Chair.

This is a great run for intermediate skiers to explore.