An exciting tree run through a beautiful forest









Log Pile is a black tree run that you can access by skiing a little ways down the Plunge run, off of the Plunge Lift (lift 9).

Log Pile is a great tree run for advanced skiers looking to venture into the world of tree skiing, as the run is well gladed, making for prime tree skiing practice.

Log Pile offers a lot of great lines, as well as access to other fun runs like West Drain (a double black drain full of bumps) and Captain Jack's (a slightly more challenging black tree run).

If you're feeling tired after skiing Log Pile and are looking for an easier way out, ski Lookout and Lower Lookout back to the Plunge Lift.

If it's a bumpy adventure you're seeking, ski Log Pile to West Drain, which will pop you out on Lower Lookout and from there you can ski back to the Plunge Lift.

Log Pile can see some traffic, but is never too crowded as there is plenty of room to ski about.