Big airs or a tight chute









FATMAP difficulty grade



Right Side Direct is a great way to get rad at the bottom of Right Side/ Never Never/ and Tight Squeeze.

You will be afforded some incredible turns as you make your way past the traverse- this area hardly ever gets skied.

Passing the traverse, fade a little right, noticing a prowl with a cleft to the right.

From just before this prowl you will find a very tight straightline chute that feeds you into Super Couloir.

Heading further down and left, the big airs start.

You can send huge, taking off just left of the prowl and go about 60 feet.

Head down a little further left, and you could take about 30 feet of air, but this take off is a little steeper, and littered with pecker trees.

The easiest way off this area is to look further left, noticing the small chute that runs North.

This can usually be hop turned until it ends at about a 20 footer.

The landing for all these airs is an incredible powder field that rarely sees a track.

It isn't the steepest landing, and sometimes it gets bombed, flushing out all the nice pow.