Wide open moderately steep 400ft chute









FATMAP difficulty grade



Super Couloir is a Bridger Bowl must.

It is painfully visible to the South as you ride up the Bridger chair.

Its North aspect always holds cold snow and sometimes will get wind buffed smooth.

It is a great first ridge hike on a powder day, although it does get sluffed out by ski patrol during control.

Super does see a lot of traffic, but the skiing will usually be great.

To get here, hike to the bomb box at the top of The Nose and drop in, skiing the upper section of The Nose.

When it pitches over through the trees, head left to the large cleft in the rock, you will be looking down a pretty wide long chute.

There are a couple entrances, but you will want to slide in easily, and get comfortable before setting up for your first turn.

Early season, this upper section can be pretty dicey, act accordingly.

Once in, its hop after hop, or if you're lucky, GS the whole thing in powder conditions.

Super ends at the High Traverse a little before the up side step.